Beyond the Lab: Revolution of DIY Science

14 Jan 2017


Expensive labs and machines don’t make a true scientist. This exhibition explores seven remarkable stories of people who are opening up scientific research to everyone, taking it out of professional labs and into homes, workshops and back yards.

DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself’ and means research and innovation on one’s own initiative. DIY science in other words. All around the world, an increasing number of DIY scientists are busy hacking, experimenting and inventing. Equipped with low-cost sensors, smartphone apps and the ability to share information
with communities online, these DIY science pioneers challenge our ideas of who a scientist is and what science will look like in the future.

In this exhibition we can see their prototypes and inventions, and be told the story behind them. We will see inventions coming from Pieter van Boheemen’s community driven lab in Amsterdam, like his scientific equipment made from recycled materials. Bethan Wolfenden and Philipp Boeing introduce their portable Bento Lab and show the many ways it has helped scientists all over the world. On the website for project Patient Innovation, patients all over the world are sharing their own solutions and innovations. Sara Riggare has invented several new products that help the patient deal with Parkinson’s disease. Tim Omer’s invention Nightscout can monitor diabetes via a smatphone and help keep it in check.  Doreen Walther’s organization Mosquito Alert maps dangerous mosquitoes and the potential infectious diseases that they spread. Shazia Ali-Webber has invented the Buggy Air sensor, which monitors the pollution levels and air quality in the streets of London, mapping out the worst areas. Her organization I Like Clean Air spreads awareness about this growing problem.

Beyond The Lab also presents three artworks that illustrate the potential of DIY science, and organizes six Science Espressos and a Reversed Science Café  to further discuss DIY science topics. 

Beyond The Lab is a touring exhibition produced by Sparks (EU project). 

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