To show what can't be seen

Accompany us on a journey into the world of scientific imagery. See how visualization makes the invisible visible in a number of different areas from medicine, statistics and astronomy to special effects in film and computer games.

The role and significance of images in communicating knowledge has attracted great interest in recent decades. The possibilities of producing images, animations and computer-produced environments have gained great significance in a short period of time for how we use and experience images - a change in our way of seeing the world.

Visualization is used to analyze and arrange large quantities of information. It is used to simulate dangerous experiments or historical situations that would be impossible to see in any other way. We encounter visualizations in our newspapers and magazines, on TV, the Internet and scientific conferences, but also in film, computer games and in the art world.

The exhibition - a hybrid between a lab and a survey - is a natural platform and starting point for everyone who visits Norrköping Visualization Center.

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