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Welcome to Visualization Center C

New experiences on many levels.

Something that you’ve never seen before. That’s what we are – and that’s what we do.

Visualization Center C is a research and science center in Norrköping, Sweden, conducting a unique mix of leading visualization research and public outreach activities. The center hosts a large-scale arena for public visits and events including media labs, interactive exhibitions and an immersive 3D fulldome theatre. Step into our world and discover the experiences we offer; experiences in every sense of the word, from award-winning fulldome productions and interactive exhibits to consulting services and research partnerships.

Visualization Center C is a result of a close collaboration between the Municipality of Norrköping, Linköping university, Norrköping Science Park and RISE Interactive C-Studio.

Public exhibitions

One of the ideas behind Visualization Center C is to bring the world of visualization to a wider audience than science and research labs usually do. That is why we produce and host public exhibitions – travelling as well as permanent – all with state-of-the-art technology and elements of visualization, interaction and digital imagery as key ingredients.

Immersive fulldome experience

With the audience completely immersed in a multisensory environment, a dome film – especially in 3D – becomes a mind-blowing experience. Our dome theater is the most technically advanced in northern Europe.

Fulldome theater
The dome theater at Visualization Center C seats 102 visitors and is elegantly fitted inside a historical industrial building in the center of Norrköping. On a daily basis, we screen our own productions as well as the best films from international producers.

Fulldome and 3D productions
Our dome film production team has produced award-winning fulldome films and we offer our production services to clients who are looking for both artistic excellence and scientific accuracy.

Interactive experiences

At Visualization Center C, we create mind-blowing interactive digital experiences by combining state-of-the-art visualization technology with intuitive interaction design. We bring scientific data to life and make it available in a fun and exciting way.

One example of this is Inside Explorer, an interactive visualization table that enables museum and science center visitors to interactively explore subjects scanned with medical imaging systems. Today it is used at museums and science centers all over the world, allowing visitors to explore everything from mummies to Martian meteorites, shortening the distance between research and public outreach.

Pioneering research and development

Linköping University is one of the main partners in Visualization Center C. Several university research teams are based at the center, where they work on projects in advanced graphics and visualization. Some of the teams are developing new methods for visualizing large and complex amounts of data and ultra-realistic synthetic images. Other teams focus on how visualization can improve the human learning capacity. Being so closely linked to the public and commercial aspects of the centre, the scientists’ work is more accessible than it would be in a closed lab environment.

Visualization Center C makes it possible to bridge the gap between research, innovation and commercial applications in novel and unique ways.

Visualization Center C – Stakeholders
Municipality of Norrköping, University of Linköping, RISE Interactive C-Studio and Norrköping Science Park

When you see it, you’ll get it

You just have to look around at objects in your everyday life to realize how important visualization is. The right visual experience makes it so much easier to grasp even the most complex of subjects. Objects, data and phenomena that would take pages to describe in text or figures are instantly and intuitively perceived and understood just by looking at them. That is the common insight we base all our work on.

As always in our trade, it is not only “what you see is what you get” but also “when you see it, you’ll get it”.