Visualization Center C conducts extensive development of various visualization and interaction technologies, visualization systems and tools. Development and production of media content and exhibits at public environments is also at the forefront of the facility. Finally, business development in the area of visualization and image analysis is also a part of the activities at Visualization Center C, primarily through the Norrköping Science Park component.


Both C-research and RISE Interactive C-studio develop software and technologies for a wide range of purposes in visualization and interaction. RISE Interactive is an experimental IT research institute that, in collaboration with academia and business partners, combines design and new technologies in research and innovation projects and strategic initiatives.

Within C-research (the university-based component of Visualization Center C), a variety of software tools and systems for visualization and interaction are developed. Development takes place in both vertical application-specific research areas, and in more technology driven general tools for wider use.

C-research is leading the development of OpenSpace, a software platform for visualization of astronomical and space-related missions and research. The focus is not only on visualizing scientific discovery but also on how science is conducted to generate new knowledge and data. The project has substantial financial support from NASA and is performed as a collaboration with NASA, the American Museum of Natural History, and University of Utah. Over the last few years, most of NASA's spacecraft have been visualized using OpenSpace.

Inviwo is a software platform for broader research-oriented scientific visualization where volume rendering is one of the main foci, such as visualizing data from computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

Urban Explorer is another example of innovative interaction technology development from the RISE Institute that visualizes urban environments. The touch table-based application has been a part of our public exhibition for several years and is also used by the municipality of Norrköping, and other cities, to visualize future construction projects.

NTA digital is a digital learning platform, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), where C-research is involved in developing concepts and directing the development of the Human Body Theme. The Visual Learning and Communication group at MIT is a core partner in this project.


Norrköping Visualisering AB develops dome productions, educational programs and installations for the public science center. In cooperation with local schools, the company supports teachers in the communication of various topics in science and technology.

Cnema is responsible for the film and media activities of Norrköping municipality and focuses on film and media pedagogics. Educational concepts are developed that are used in interactive meetings with school classes and teachers. Future movie producers are being taught in post-secondary film school education programs, and as part of business incubator activities for young filmmakers. Support is being given to the development of new movie production projects through the Norrköping Film Fund.

NVAB, together with research engineers at C-research, has created several dome movies (360 movies). Examples include All we are, which was produced in collaboration with Carter Emmart at the Hayden Planetarium in New York. Space Trip 3D presents a story of Christer Fuglesang, Sweden's only astronaut, and his trip to the ISS.

Installations have also been produced for other science centers, such as the MegaMind exhibit at the Technical Museum in Stockholm, where three installations were developed in collaboration with RISE Interactive C-studio and C-research.


Norrköping Science Park works together with local industry to develop business opportunities and support new entrepreneurs. Visual Sweden is a topical platform that focuses on visualization and image analysis.

Founded in 2016, Visual Sweden,  is a long-term strategic development program funded by Vinnova's VinnVäxt program. Visual Sweden is an initiative aimed at promoting innovation and regional growth in visualization and image analysis.

The Lunch Club is a meeting place for businesses, university and the public, where participants meet and participate in a 30-minute presentation in the dome theater at C. The events are usually held the last Monday of each month.