Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory

Welcome to a unique lab that transcends boundaries through a novel concept called exploranation. Here in the lab, research visualization is used to make new discoveries through a process of exploration.

We don’t limit ourselves to that and take it further to explain research results to the public, which is called explanation. The combination of exploration and explanation is exploranation: research, data and complex connections visualized to allow everyone to take part in exploring the world using the theme of climate and sustainability. 

This is unique as visitors can access the same visualizations, algorithms, data and software as the researchers themselves. Maybe you’ll discover the same connections that scientists have seen; perhaps you’ll find new solutions to the challenges facing our planet. 

Right here and now a paradigm shift is ongoing. Research communication is no longer just about reports, books and diagrams but powerful interactive visualization.

Here at Visualization Center C, visualization research is alive, broad and cutting edge with applied research in collaboration with industry and big research projects with other universities and government agencies.

We conduct research in astrophysics, climate, nanotechnology and didactics. Much of it concentrates on developing methods to visualize complex information, as well as how we can interact with data and how visualization can be used in teaching and communication. This makes Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory a place where tomorrow’s pedagogic and communication concepts are developed in collaboration with our visitors.

Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory has a virtual production studio and haptics lab. Here we create installations, workshops, programs for schools and companies. We want to inspire curiosity as well as a deeper understanding and keen interest in technical and scientific subjects.

The lab is based on the visualization research conducted at Visualization Center C and Linköping University. The lab environment has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Stig Wadström Foundation.
Noss Foundation and Swedbanks stiftelse för vetenskaplig forskning have donated funds to develop parts of the content. Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse finances a guest professorship in Visual Science Communication and Exploranation at Linköping University for ten years. Parts of the content in the lab environment have been developed in collaboration with Universeum, with the support from Sten A Olssons stiftelse.

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