Legend of the Enchanted Reef 3D

Three friends on a mission

Join energetic Shorty, intelligent Indigo, and daring sawfish Jake on a colorful coral reef adventure. After a fishing trawler devastates their reef, the trio has no choice but to set out on a quest to find a new home. As they search the sea for a legendary reef, the friends encounter a variety of intriguing environments, from kelp forests to sunken wrecks—and even outer space! Their unforgettable journey brings them face-to-face with an octopus, dolphins, anglerfish, and other exotic creatures. Throughout their adventure, they must avoid hungry sharks, hazardous pollution, and other dangers, as they seek a reef that may be a myth.

Legend of the Enchanted Reef is filled with humor and imagination that the whole family will enjoy. The film combines entertainment and education with an important message about the impact of ocean pollution.

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