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Labs and Learning Environments

Experience Science through Exploranation

In our lab and learning environments, you can explore the world yourself, together with our researchers and the science of the world. We help you visit everything from the most remote places in space to the smallest nanoworld. Let your own curiosity and desire to discover lead you on exciting journeys into the human body, world art, or the secrets of modern urban development.

To truly understand the world and our place in it, we need to explore it ourselves. At Visualiseringscenter C, regardless of age or prior knowledge, you get the opportunity to independently examine what was previously only accessible to researchers. It’s a revolution in learning and communication. We call it exploranation. A combination of the words exploring and explaining, and a new way to visualize and communicate science. It creates curiosity and understanding of the world around you. For health, climate, biology, space. Welcome to our world of exploranation.