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Be a Part of the Future

A large part of Visualization Center’s success is built on all the students who started their journey here. Take the chance to do the same, whether you want to influence society through research or entrepreneurship.

Collaborations Sharpen Visualization

The collaboration between the different parts of Visualization Center C enables the over one hundred and thirty regional companies active in the visualization field to become even sharper. The companies engaged in visualization and image processing have also developed through all the students, doctoral candidates, and researchers who have transitioned from Linköping University to the business sector.

Here we have gathered information on how we can assist students in our region connected to the fields of visualization and image analysis – or those curious to learn more about education in the field.

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Students and Education at Campus Norrköping

Visualization Center C contributes to several undergraduate programs at the university level in media technology, design, and visualization at Linköping University. Additionally, Visualization Center C is a central resource in graduate education within research groups connected to the center.

The most relevant programs are:

  • The Master’s Program in Media Technology and AI. It provides deep insights into the underlying technology and programming that enable visualization.
  • Communication, Society, Media Production, and Graphic Design and Communication. These provide knowledge in areas central to the center such as information and interaction design and exhibition production.

Many students in these programs have over the years contributed to the operations with projects, theses, and internships, and have also worked as hosts in the public activities.

A Catalytic Role in Education

The importance of being able to conduct education in such a broad, research-oriented, and development-intensive environment as Visualization Center C cannot be overstated. The environment offers technology for enhanced learning and the ability to explain concepts that are otherwise difficult to grasp and contributes to educational goals in schools and higher education. Visualization also clarifies the connection between basic mathematics and technology in applications that meet society’s challenges, as well as its role in popular culture entertainment with visual effects in film and video games.

Do You Want to Work with Visualization?

Check Out These Programs!

Master of Science in Media Technology

The Media Technology program is for those who want to explore the technology behind the next generation of digital media. You will learn how advanced graphics and generative AI are used to develop innovative solutions with the user in focus.

Graphic Design and Communication

This is the program for those who want to become a creative and technically skilled designer and communicator with the competence to meet a rapidly changing and global media and communication industry.

Design, Master’s Program

This master’s program is based on a studio-based, interdisciplinary approach to design. In the program, we tackle societal challenges through co-creation and collaboration.

Theses at Visualization Center C

Students from both Linköping University and other institutions are welcome to do their theses with us. You can either do your thesis in one of our research groups within Linköping University or do a thesis for, for example, a company with one of our researchers as a supervisor.

The contact person for undergraduate education in Media and Information Technology is the department’s director of studies, Camilla Forsell.

Network in the Region!

Visual Sweden wants to make it as easy as possible for students at Linköping University to collaborate with companies and other organizations in the region, thereby gaining important contacts for future theses, employment, or as support when starting their own business.

Here, events serve as a really good meeting place, which Visual Sweden is happy to organize together with the region’s two science parks in Norrköping and Linköping. This may involve breakfast meetings, lunch lectures, and thesis dinners. The events primarily target the Master’s Program in Media Technology (MT) but also other programs related to visualization and image analysis.

On the events page, you can find upcoming student meetings when this is relevant. Visual Sweden also gathers information about mentorship programs and available theses in the region.

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Start-Up: From Smart Idea to Tech Company

Creating a functioning tech company does not happen overnight. At Visualization Center C, collaboration ensures that you can focus on the right things when developing your smart idea and start-up into a future growth company.

Norrköping Science Park and the incubator LEAD offer tailored efforts and coaching to maximize your return. If you have an idea or want to learn more about how your company can receive business development support, do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to accelerate your idea and your company’s business development?

Do you want to accelerate your idea and your company’s business development?

CEO, Norrköping Science Park