Wisdome The Geodome

Let Wisdome come to you

Can’t visit Wisdome Norrköping at Visualiseringscenter C? We can come to you with our inflatable dome theater – the Geodome!

Rent the Geodome

Renting the inflatable dome theater is becoming more popular every year. More and more people have noticed the special experience that a show in the Geodome provides. It is no exaggeration to say that the Geodome is a visualization tool that leaves a lasting impression!

At Visualiseringscenter C, we offer schools, businesses, associations, authorities, or events the opportunity to rent the Geodome for one or more days. We offer cost-effective pricing and handle everything from transport, setup, and technical management to reception and dismantling.

To enable schools to use the Geodome for educational purposes, we have created a special offer for schools and educational institutions.

Practical Information

On the 6.5-meter wide, 360° dome-shaped screen, we show immersive 2D dome presentations. The Geodome can accommodate about 25-30 children/youths or approximately 20 adults. As a visitor, you watch the content sitting or lying on cushions.

The Geodome is designed for indoor use and requires a dry and clean surface. The ceiling height must be at least 4 meters, and the room width at least 8.8 meters. The Geodome requires a power supply of 230V with a 10A fuse. If the Geodome is to be placed on an upper or lower floor, elevator access is required.

Geodome, inflatable dome

Viewings in the Geodome

In the Geodome, we offer the opportunity to experience our in-house produced dome shows as well as films and visual expressions co-produced with our partners.

Want to offer the Geodome at an event? We can show corporate information and visual marketing before our regular screenings. Let guests and visitors experience your brand up close and immersively before a magnificent dome show. Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate with the visual experience in focus!

Dome Shows

From the outer reaches of space to the smallest parts of the nano world. Here we list our in-house produced dome shows that we show in the Geodome.