Wisdome Wisdome Production

Here We Create the Journey

Want to land on Mars? Or step right into a future affected by climate change? The Wisdome production team takes you on a journey into science.

With Production in the Heart of Norrköping

At Visualiseringscenter C, Wisdome’s dome shows are produced. Award-winning productions shown not only in all Wisdome arenas in Sweden but worldwide.

Based on the work of our own researchers, and in collaboration with NASA, our production team takes you on immersive 3D experiences. From the outermost known universe to the molecular world inside leaf cells and directly into the challenges of climate change.

We can also create real-time interactive journeys to places no human has visited. Where do you want to go? Do you want to fly over Pluto or land among the sand dunes on Mars?

Meet the Team Behind

Directors, producers, researchers. It takes many skills to create the magic in a Wisdome show.

Here the team talks about the production Making Magic.

“Because of the high resolution and large image we look at, we need very high-resolution textures and well-made models.”

Måns, 3D Artist

Our Wisdome Productions

Experience the breathtaking productions made in Norrköping.

OpenSpace Training

OpenSpace is used worldwide to explore all parts of the known universe. Want to learn how to get the most out of this fantastic tool? We can help.