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Research and Innovation

World-leading Visualization for the entire society

At Visualiseringscenter C, the public, research, business, and education meet. All with the same drive – to create benefits through visualization, for science, business development, education, and the world. Here, the next generation of science communication is created.

Visualization – See the Science

Our eyes are our most important tools for knowledge and experiences. It has always been so. Much of what surrounds us is difficult to perceive and understand. With visualization technology, we can see the smallest – and the largest. The movement of molecules in a plant cell. The cosmic background radiation from the Big Bang. The mysteries of the human body, the growth of a world city, the consequences of climate change.

Visualization is Needed Everywhere

Visualization is used in all sciences and is found everywhere in society – in medicine, space research, statistical analysis, studies of historical artifacts, and urban planning. Research at Visualiseringscenter C largely involves developing methods to visualize complex information, but also how we can interact with and examine data, and how visualization can be used for teaching and communication.

Visual Sweden

Do you and your company have an idea that can become even stronger through visualization? We are happy to help. Our region is Europe’s most attractive innovation environment for visualization. Through Visual Sweden, we connect businesses with our own research and all the companies and organizations within visualization that operate here and in the country. Take the opportunity to develop your business!

Current Research

Researchers from all over the world come to Visualiseringscenter C – to be part of leading the development in visualization. Here are some of the research projects we are currently working on.

Our Partnerships

Visualiseringscenter C is a natural meeting place for research and industry. Much of what we create is done in collaboration with external partners, and we are always open to new collaborations.

News and articles

Read news about all our research and innovation projects.

Person i rymddräkt i farokost
10 June 2024

Marcus Wandt Visits Wisdome Norrköping

On May 30th, Visualization Center C takes Marcus Wandt back...

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Next gen media NKPG 2024
6 May 2024

Techvärldens front inspirerar Norrköping under Next Gen Media

Tisdagen den 7 maj ordnas Next Gen Media NKPG -...

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Visualisering av Norrköping
19 March 2024

Norrköpings digitala tvilling har flyttat in på Visualiseringscenter C

Norrköping har fått en digital tvilling som nu kan upplevas...

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Två personer kollar på skärmar som visar byggnader och gata
7 December 2023

Kan en spelutvecklare hjälpa polisen lösa brott? – Invigning av Visual Crime Scene

Visual Crime Scene är ett projekt som nyttjar spelutvecklingens visualisering...

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Isabelle Hachette, VD på Interspectral, och Anton Lilja, Verksamhetsledare på Visualiseringscenter C, visar upp hjärnan i 3D.
16 November 2023

Banbrytande visualiseringsteknik tar plats i Norrköping

Den 15 november lanserade Visualiseringscenter C, tillsammans med Interspectral och...

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Jonas Unger och Anders Ynnerman.
29 August 2023

Anders Ynnerman och Jonas Unger tilldelas Chester Carlsons forskningspris

Forskarna Anders Ynnerman och Jonas Unger, tilldelas Chester Carlsons forskningspris...

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Porträtt Anders Ynnerman står lutad mot en tegelvägg. Han har grå tröja och håller en kavaj över axeln
17 May 2023

Professor Anders Ynnerman tilldelas Eurographics Medal 2023

Vid en ceremoni i Saarbrücken, Tyskland, tilldelades professor Anders Ynnerman...

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Månens yta och jorden i bakgrunden
5 May 2023

Svenska rymdforskare som söker liv i rymden besöker Norrköpings Visualiseringscenter 6–7 maj

Den 13 april skickades rymdsonden JUICE iväg från Franska Guyana...

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C-research is the university-affiliated part of Norrköping’s Visualiseringscenter C. The research conducted is largely about advanced computer graphics and methods for visualizing large and complex datasets.

Research Areas

Visualiseringscenter C is dedicated to several different research areas. Researchers gather at C-Research, located at Linköping University’s Department of Media and Information Technology (MIT), which is the university’s part of Visualiseringcenter C.

Computer graphics and image processing

The Computer Graphics and Image Processing group runs research projects where we develop theory, methods and demonstrators in image technology, image analysis and image synthesis.

Immersive visualization

The Immersive Visualization unit researches and develops various techniques to create an immersive and captivating visualization of data using large-scale display systems, such as immersive domes and stereoscopic vision (3D).

Information Visualization (iVis)

The iVis research group focuses mainly on analysis and visualization to explore large and complex information sets in, for example, environmental research, transport systems, social sciences or artificial intelligence.

Media design and image reproduction

The Media Design and Image Reproduction group researches the possibilities of combining digital and analog media to convey information, insights and emotions, and how we can offer engaging experiences through modern interaction technologies.

Applied visualization

The Applied Visualization Unit works to make research data more understandable and usable for everyone, with a focus on the public, schools and industry, by merging research data and visualization technologies.

Scientific visualization

The Scientific Visualization research group develops new visualization, analysis and exploration methods to better understand large data sets.

Visual learning and communication

The Visual Learning and Communication group conducts research on science teaching and learning using visualizations. The subject focus is biology and molecular sciences, and the group is engaged in both pedagogy and design of visualizations.