Person i rymddräkt i farokost

Marcus Wandt Visits Wisdome Norrköping

On May 30th, Visualization Center C takes Marcus Wandt back to space. At Wisdome Norrköping, Wandt will meet the audience to share his experiences.

In the OpenSpace software, developed at Linköping University, the entire known universe is visualized. With the help of OpenSpace, we can take the audience on a journey into space.

“Thanks to the immersive 3D experience we can offer in the dome, visitors will get a sense of being in space with Marcus, and even visit places in space where no human has been,” says Anders Ynnerman, professor of scientific visualization and founder of Visualization Center C.

On the last Thursday of each month, SpaceNight is organized at Visualization Center C, where participants usually enjoy an outstanding combination of an after-work menu and a 3D space journey. On May 30th, however, we are adding an exceptionally spectacular twist when Marcus Wandt leads the space journey and shares his unique experience with us.

In January 2024, Marcus Wandt became the third Swede in space when he traveled to the ISS to conduct research in microgravity. On January 29th, he connected for a live conversation with students on Earth, allowing them to ask their curious questions.

The program is divided into two parts: for specifically invited guests and for the general public.

Program for Invited Guests: 16:00: Mingling for invited guests 17:00: Dome presentation

Program for the General Public: 17:30: Afterwork in the restaurant 19:00: Dome presentation

The media is invited to participate in any part of the program. Please confirm your attendance by emailing

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