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A Birthday in Space

A children’s party with us is an exciting adventure. Here, the birthday child and guests experience a thrilling dome show, go through astronaut training with cool space missions, and enjoy a delicious pancake buffet.

Ett barn sitter och lyssnar på något i en av utställningarna

Astronaut JR

Vi välkomnar kalasgruppen att kliva in i rymdskeppet för en stunds hårdträning, ledd av roboten Koda. En spännande, fartfylld och rolig upplevelse som resulterar i ett rymddiplom och den ärofyllda titeln Astronaut Jr. 

During the party, the group will also experience an exciting 3D dome show, before winding down in the restaurant with the pre-ordered food and snacks.

What is the cost per person?

230 SEK/child. The birthday child’s parents can attend the dome show for free. Other adults pay 120 SEK for the dome film ticket. Coffee is included for accompanying adults.

What additional options are available?

  • Cake 8 slices (310 SEK)
  • Cake 12 slices (440 SEK)
  • Lactose-free cake supplement (79 SEK/cake)
  • Meringue Swiss (35 SEK/person) (Can be lactose-free at no extra cost)
  • Candy bag (15 SEK/person)

What is included in the price?

Dome show, astronaut training activity, and pancake buffet or hot dogs.

Maximum number of children?

Maximum 10 children. Accompanying adults must be present during the party.

When can I book a children’s party?

Children’s parties can be booked on Saturdays or Sundays. The start time is 09:30.

How do I book a children’s party?

The easiest way to book a children’s party is via the booking form. You can find it below.