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One of our main tasks is to create an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among future generations. Through exploranation – where personal exploration meets scientific explanations, we welcome thousands of children, students, and pupils every year from both Norrköping and neighboring municipalities as well as from across the country.

Note that programs marked with “School Agreement NKPG” are free for schools in Norrköping Municipality. For others, we provide pricing upon request.

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Ett barn leker med två leksaksögon i butiken

To take care of our environment in the best way, we need to understand it and how everything is connected. Water and seas are the foundation of life on Earth - but we face a new challenge in managing our marine environments. How does our ecosystem impact different places? What role do climate changes play for marine life?

During the visit, students will encounter marine life through the colorful and playful dome show "Legend of the Enchanted Reef 3D". In connection with the show, students will learn more about how the sea and its marine life are affected by humans, as well as a number of other challenges that require creative solutions.

The students will also have a short visit to our exhibition area in the "Wadström's Exploranation Laboratory" where, with the help of visualizations and simulations, we take a closer look at our planet, our seas, and the water ecosystems. The students will also work on sorting and categorizing images related to the theme and discuss and reason about their choices.

A morning filled with digital creation and technical creativity! Together, we explore the digital world and our ability to create using computing power. We begin with an immersive journey into the magical world of visual effects through our self-produced dome show Making Magic. There, we gather inspiration and ideas that we then apply in a workshop in digital 3D modeling in the Tinkercad program. The visit aims to build students' confidence, interest, and knowledge in STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) and serves as an initial exploratory step into project-based learning and engineering. Tinkercad is a simple yet powerful tool that since its inception in 2011 has become a popular platform for creating 3D models. The program is a perfect introduction to constructive solid geometry for children and youth. Tinkercad is free to use via the web browser, making the technology accessible and useful both in school and during free time. The visit to Visualiseringscenter is an excellent opportunity to start an interdisciplinary project with your students!

Space is fascinating. What building blocks for life and matter are out there? What factors are important for maintaining and enabling human life? What is humanity's place in interstellar space? During the visit, students will see the dome show "VAST 3D," which is a cosmic journey through time and space. It enhances learning about space by pedagogically explaining subject-specific concepts and space facts. During the visit, students also have the opportunity to use the computer program and 3D engine "OpenSpace," where they explore space and its mysteries using world-class digital visualization technology. The program runs during the work session on powerful gaming computers that facilitate and enhance the digital experience. OpenSpace is developed at Linköping University in collaboration with NASA, among others, and the program is a freeware that is based on interactive dynamic data from space observations, simulations, and space missions. Before using the program, students are given an in-depth introduction to the program, including basic knowledge about navigation, functions, and content. Students have access to teacher support during the session and are encouraged to take on various tasks and explore on their own. The assignments include elements such as discussion, reflection, and collaboration. After the visit, OpenSpace can be used in the classroom to further extend and enhance learning.

Knowledge belongs to everyone and is no longer centered on higher education levels, museums, or researchers. Anyone should be able to access real data and information in an easy and educational way. During the visit, students will see the award-winning dome show "Making Magic," which provides a unique insight into how digital effects, 3D models, and computer simulations are created and applied. In connection with the show, students have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on technical applications where computer graphics can be useful and how simulations can support understanding in different contexts. Furthermore, during the visit, students will have the opportunity to work with the software "Inside Explorer PRO," a program for 3D image analysis and handling visual data. The program runs on powerful gaming computers, making it easier for students to take on the role of researchers tasked with examining a visual model of a fragment from the famous "Chelyabinsk meteorite." Before starting, students receive a thorough introduction to the program, and all tasks are carried out together in groups. During their exploration, students are encouraged to record short explanatory videos through the program, which can then serve as the basis for further work in the classroom.

What exactly is space, how big is it, and what is it made of? During the visit, we spark interest in space and create an understanding of how technology can help us understand our vast environment. We start the visit in our VR arena, where the children get to experience the spectacular space on a large screen. Together, we travel out into the solar system and explore a new collection of planets that have suddenly appeared – in a very mysterious way! Afterwards, the children have the opportunity to explore space through play in the children's exhibition The Spaceship.

Rent the Geodome – Inflatable Dome

The Geodome is a portable and inflatable dome theater used to show dome shows in an immersive format. During a viewing, the Geodome can accommodate 25-30 children/youth with some degree of adjustment. To take part in the content, you sit – or lie down on the floor and see the image around you. The experience is guaranteed to be something special!

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School Cooperation and Agreements

Visualiseringscenter C actively cooperates with the Education Office, Norrköping Municipality, to make the center’s educational content accessible and make it easy and cost-effective for the municipality’s teachers and educators to access school programs and the center’s comprehensive offerings.

Within the framework of school agreements, free school visits are offered each term based on the principle of “first come, first served.” The visits are very popular, and we encourage interested teachers and educators to keep an eye out for our information releases before we announce new times.

Within the school cooperation agreements, we also offer the opportunity to book outreach activities where Visualiseringscenter travels out and comes with a mobile offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can eat your own packed lunch in our lunch room on the first floor. The lunch room is also open and available for other visitors, so please let us know if you would like us to book the lunch room for your group.

Yes, we have a cloakroom on the first floor with lockers for storing bags and other items. To lock a locker, you need either a ten kronor coin or a token (which we sell at our reception).

Please note that Visualiseringscenter is not responsible for valuables.