Play Virtual Reality VR

Play Virtual Reality and discover entertaining VR games at Visualization Center C!

In our VR Arena, we offer you the opportunity to play Virtual Reality with modern technology and experience the special feeling of playful virtual reality. We use easy-to-use and adjustable VR equipment in the form of Meta Quest 2 with associated headset and hand controllers. The equipment is suitable for both old and young.

Your game session in the VR arena is led under the guidance of a knowledgeable VR host who pedagogically and clearly goes through safety precautions, behavior and how the technology and individual games are handled. Our game sessions are suitable for both beginners and more experienced players.

The games you want to play during your gaming session are selected on the spot from the range shown below. The playing time is allocated based on the number of games selected and your preferences.


Price: 149kr Time: 60min Maximum number: 5 Age limit: 8 years in the company of a parent. See further age recommendation for bookable games. Bookable times: Every day during week 26-33 10.30 – 11.30 12.00 – 13.00 13.30 – 14.30 15.00 – 16.00 (Deviations may occur)

Our VR games

Beat Saber

Ever dreamed of holding a lightsaber in your hand? Here you get two! The Beat Saber game combines music and lightsabers in a fantastic mix. Swing your swords in time to the music and don’t let any “blocks” or challenging obstacles reach all the way to you. The more blocks you hit, the better the music sounds and the higher your score.

Ready, set, lightsaber!

Hand Physics Lab

Imagine if you could greet yourself in virtual reality. The Hand Physics Lab game lets you meet yourself in the Metaverse. Using sensors in your VR headset, the technology recognizes the movements of your hands and fingers. The game then gives you the opportunity to solve exciting puzzles, construct, throw objects and much more.

Let your creativity flow in the virtual world!

Pistol Whip

Put your nerves and reflexes to the test! The excitement is at its peak as you move through a futuristic environment surrounded by enemies with their sights set on you. With a virtual weapon in each hand, you fight your way forward piece by piece with one goal in mind – to arrive without a scratch on your body.

Pistol Whip is perfect for those who want VR action!

Smash Drums

Are you ready to rock? Bring out the hard rocker in you and get inspired in front of a mighty virtual drum kit! Beat and drum your way through challenging songs in search of high scores, glory and fame. The game features varying levels of difficulty and a wide range of inspiring songs to choose from.

Let ´s rock and Smash Drums!

Note: Our VR activities are adapted for a wide audience and the games available differ in character and recommendation according to PEGI (international standard for labeling content on film or in games). You can read more about the PEGI standard here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our offer.

We only allow sober participation in VR activities.