Who is throwing fireballs from space?

In this dome show, we follow polar bear Vladimir and penguin James, two friends with a common interest in space. One day, they decide to take a trip with their spaceship to study the northern lights. After colliding with a meteorite, the spaceship crash-lands at the foot of an ancient Colombian pyramid where they meet the hummingbird Lucia. Lucia is an expert on stones and tells them about the legend behind the mysterious fireballs sometimes seen in the sky at night. To solve the mystery of where these fireballs come from, the polar bear, the penguin, and the hummingbird travel to the moon and further into space.

Who is really throwing fireballs from space and will our friends bring an answer back to Earth?

Secrets of the Falling Stars 3D is a family show exclusively shown at Visualization Center C. The show is translated into Swedish with famous voice actors, such as Annika Herlitz, the voice of Elsa from Frozen.


Adults120 kr490 kr
Senior/student85 kr390 kr
Children 4-17 years80 kr290 kr
Children 0-3 yearsGratisGratis

* The annual pass includes, among other things, unlimited regular films & screenings in the Dome for a whole year, 10% discount in the store and 10% discount in Restaurant & Café C. Read more about what is included and the conditions here.


Runtime: 31 minutes Language: Swedish, English* Recommended Age: From 4 years Shown in: 3D Produced by: Planetarium de Saint-Etienne

*Audio tracks are available via translators (headphones) which can be booked at the reception and collected at the dome entrance. The show contains strong visual effects and intense sound and light.

Questions and Answers

Watching a film in 3D means that the brain perceives a depth in the image that is not actually there. To experience the 3D effect, you need a pair of 3D glasses, which we lend to all visitors. Thanks to 3D, we can get the feeling that objects are floating in the air in front of us.

It works great to have the 3D glasses on top of your regular glasses.

The show is in Swedish, but we also have soundtracks in English for this show. You will get headphones from us on site.

The show’s content is aimed at children and young people from 4 years old.

Of course. We have designated spaces for wheelchairs and walkers at the top of the dome theater.

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