Research conducted at Visualization Center C focuses on methods for visualizing large and complex data sets and investigating how we can interact with and investigate data to understand, or confirm, relationships and information.

Other than vision, our research also involves exploring how other senses, such as tactile and haptic perception, can be used for visualization. Research is also conducted on the role of visualization in teaching and deployment in public environments.

C-research brings together multiple researchers from Linköping University and forms the university-based component of Visualization Center C. RISE Interactive C-studio focuses on more applied research and innovation in visualization and user interaction. Both C-research and RISE Interactive C-studio collaborate with many industrial partners in various research projects. A large portion of affiliated researchers, postgraduate students and administrative and technical staff are from the Department of Media and Information Technology (MIT) in the Department of Science and Technology at Linköping University.

C-research is involved in several major research projects with other universities, national organizations and businesses. A selection of current projects is outlined below.

The Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program (WASP) aims to strengthen Sweden's international position in autonomous systems, both in academia and industry. C-research contributes to this program with research in visual interaction with autonomous systems, such as autonomous drones.

SafeClouds is a EU project with the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, other European universities, and air traffic management authorities. The project aims to create a better understanding of traffic managers' situations by analyzing large amounts of logged data to identify situations in advance that may lead to various critical incidents. C-research is involved in data analysis and visualization of air traffic information and operator logs.

Seeing Organ Function is also a Wallenberg-funded research program with the objective to understand and visualize the function of different organs in the body. Examples include studying aspects of blood flow in heart function, and modelling brain function and impact on narcolepsy.

More projects and current research can be found at the website pages of C-research and Media and Information Technology (MIT) at Linköping University.